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Locations and Coordinating
Wedding Locations
TEMECULA WINERIES The majority of weddings I perform are at the many wineries, golf resorts and wedding venues located in the Temecula Valley. I have performed weddings at the following locations: Wineries include, South Coast, Ponte, Longshadow Weins and Falkner. Golf resorts include Temecula Creek Inn and Golf, Temeku Golf Club. And my favorite Temecula location: Villa de Amore . All of these locations provide a full-service wedding package, including food, drink, wedding location, reception room, etc.

YOUR HOME OR OTHER LOCATION I perform many home weddings. The family, or sometimes friends, provide their home for the wedding. These are simpler and less costly alternatives to the “full-service” wineries or other wedding venues. Family and friends take major roles in helping to provide all the necessary items for a lovely and intimate wedding and reception. Normally these weddings do not require a rehearsal. Without a rehearsal, my fee is $300.

MY TEMECULA HOME BACKYARD On a limited bases, I can offer my backyard as a location for your wedding. Total attendees (bride, groom, family and guests) cannot exceed 25. Our backyard is lovely and beautifully landscaped. It looks very nice anytime of the year. This is an excellent options for smaller weddings where connivance and cost savings are important. After the wedding ceremony, families often go to a restaurant for the meal celebration. Our backyard location is also an excellent option for those considering a “Las Vegas”, “Justice of the Peace”, last minute or limited preparation wedding. This is a much more personal and intimate alternative to the courthouse or wedding chapel marriage. As with all weddings, the couple must provide the marriage license. The price would include my fees as the officiate, my wife as the coordinator, our backyard, and a champagne toast. Average cost is $450. Please call or e-mail for more information and available dates.
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Wedding Coordinating
Who at your wedding has the responsibility to see that everything runs smoothly during the rehearsal and the wedding service? Who makes sure all the relatives are seated in the right place and by the proper usher? Who times when each bride’s maids are to walk down the isle? Who pins the flowers on the groomsmen and relatives? Who helps mediate complex issues with family members? That would be the wedding coordinator. A competent wedding coordinator should have the experience and knowledge to orchestrate a wedding service that looks and feels smooth and seamless from beginning to end.

Many of the wedding venues (hotels, wineries, country clubs) include this service with the price you pay. Many couples will ask a relative or family friend to “coordinate” the wedding. Although this person’s intentions are well meaning their lack of experience causes many details to be missed. More importantly, the relative acting as the wedding coordinator is now no longer a “guest” but now a “worker.” They become so involved with the wedding that they miss out on being able to celebrate your day as a guest. If your wedding venue does not include a wedding coordinator, consider using Karin to help you.
Karin Evans, the wife of Rev. Craig Evans, offers her assistance to you as a wedding coordinator. Karin has coordinated over one hundred weddings, mostly with Craig. The two of them work wonderfully together. Karin has the knowledge and competence to produce a beautiful and worry free wedding by effortlessly lifting the wedding day burden from the bride and family. Working in the background Karin makes the wedding appear as if everyone had been rehearsing for days. Parents are so grateful that someone is in charge that really knows what they are doing. Everyone is seated properly, flowers are pinned on the right person, torn dresses are repaired, and the bride looks like an angle coming down the isle. Truly worth her weight in gold, Karin will insure your wedding is one of the most beautiful your guests have ever seen.
Karin's cost start at $200 for wedding and rehearsal. Contact her at the above phone for more information.