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Wedding Services
Wedding Services
As stated on the Welcome Page, my wedding ceremonies are tastefully simple, incorporating many familiar wedding elements in a contemporary setting, yet at the same time placing the focus of the service on the couple. I do not “preach”, talk about myself or make it sound like I have known the couple for decades. It is my goal to provide a memorable and meaningful wedding ceremony which allows the flexibility to accommodate the particular needs of the couple and/or families. I offer the couple the opportunity to personalize their ceremony by adding special elements to it. Poetry, music, writing their own vows, Unity Candle, and scripture reading, are just some of the ways a couple can personalize a wedding. Scroll down to read about the types of weddings I perform, the procedures for using my services, and potential costs.
Non-Denominational Christian and Spiritual Ceremonies
This is my most popular wedding ceremony. Non-denominational Christian simply means that although the ceremony has a Christian focus, it does not follow any one religious group. It is not Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Evangelical, or any other individual religious group. In fact, the ceremony blends portions from many religious backgrounds to create a very pleasing service. Today, many couples identify themselves as “spiritual” but not necessarily “religious.” The Spiritual Ceremony identifies with this “spirituality” by not emphasizing any one faith, but understands that there is "something bigger" that undergirds creation. Equally important is the need to accommodate family members. Parents and even grandparents are hoping that the couple will be married “under the eyes of God.” These services satisfies the needs of most couples and families. This service also includes the Rose Ceremony (see below). The standard service is about 12 to 15 minutes in length (not including time for processing, recessing, and added elements).
Civil Ceremony
This service is for the couple that specifically does not want religious or faith references. It may or may not be “spiritually” based, depending on the wishes of the couple. It can similar to what a "Judge", “Justice of the Peace” or “Commissioner” would offer. This service also includes the Rose Ceremony (see below). This can be very short service (10 minutes)or it can be longer depending on the design that the couple has requested.
Inter-Faith Ceremony
This service is ceremony is designed to blend the traditions of two specific religious groups into one meaningful experience. Examples could be a Christian marrying a Jew, a Catholic with a Protestant, or a Hispanic with an Angelo. The wedding ceremony is designed to incorporate elements from each religion or culture into a meaningful service to appropriately blend each individuals needs. This service also includes the Rose Ceremony (see below). This service varies in length depending upon the various elements added. Typically it lasts for about 20 minutes.
Rose Ceremony This is not a stand alone wedding ceremony, but it is added to every wedding I do. Without question it becomes the most meaningful part of the wedding ceremony. Just before the service concludes, roses are given to the couple and I offer some thoughts to give meaning to the roses. It becomes the highlight of the service, remembered by the couple and guests for years to come.
Special Elements Many couple desire to add additional elements to the wedding ceremony. These might include special readings, unity candle, wine sharing, sand pouring, incorporating children from a previous marriage, religious and/or ethnic traditions, etc. I work carefully with the couple to add these special elements at the proper place in the wedding ceremony.
How It All Works
The procedure for booking a wedding is pretty simple.
1. Send me an e-mail or give me a call and see if I am available for the date you have chosen. Discuss cost.
2. The couple schedules an appointment with me to hear the wedding ceremony, discuss details of the wedding, and answer any questions. This is usually done at my home and takes about 1 hour. I do not require any pre-marital counseling or other requirements for marriage.
3. I will attend rehearsal.
4. I will perform the wedding.
5. As required by law, I will sign the license and return it to the county that issued.
PLEASE NOTE: Steps 2 and 3 will not be necessary if this will be a wedding ceremony only where there is no rehearsal or pre-wedding appointment.
The basic cost range from $300 to $350 depending on the type of service you need, rehearsals, advanced meetings, and distance traveled.
Payment is due as follows: A $100 deposit is due at the initial appointment (if there is one), the balance at the rehearsal or at the time of the wedding.
If your wedding is at Villa de Amore, my fee is included in your package payment.
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